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Fintech law firm Kenya.

Kenya is a definitely the hub for FINTECH innovation, development and evolution in East and central Africa. The Financial legal landscape in Kenya keeps evolving to keep at par with the financial technology developments.
The growth of financial technology in Kenya has changed the way Kenyans conduct financial transactions. With the development and evolutions of technologies such

  • Mpesa mobile money platform
  • Crypto currency transactions.
  • Block-chain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mobile banking
  • Digital government services.
  • Tokenization of assets.
  • Crowdfunding operator license.
The FINTECH environment is disrupting traditional financial services and providing innovative solutions to consumers and businesses. This developments have brought with them new legal challenges and regulatory requirements. This is where KAZI legal comes in. To guide and support in your Fintech Business environment
FINTECH legal support play a crucial role in assisting companies and creators to navigate this landscape and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Kazi legal provides our clients With expertise in legal regulatory compliance, Fitch licensing, contract drafting, intellectual property registration and protection, and dispute resolution in Kenya.

Kazi Legal Financial technology legal solutions Kenya.

Fintech in Kenya is primarily regulated by The Central Bank of Kenya. The CBK has introduced guidelines and regulations that apply to FINTECH companies.

  • National Payment System Regulations.
  • Risk-Based Supervision Framework for Payment Service Providers
  • Capital Markets Authority
  • Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Communications Authority of Kenya

Fintech legal services in Kenya.

Our Fintech legal services include but are not limited to.

  1. Regulatory Compliance: FINTECH companies must comply with various regulations and guidelines issued by the CBK and other regulators. Legal service providers can assist companies in understanding these regulations and implementing compliance measures.
  2. Licensing: Some types of FINTECH services require a license from CBK or other regulators. Legal service providers can assist in obtaining these licenses and ensuring ongoing compliance.
  3. Contract Drafting: FINTECH companies must enter into contracts with various stakeholders such as customers, vendors, and partners. Legal service providers can assist in drafting contracts that protect the interests of the company and comply with relevant laws and regulations..
  4. Intellectual Property Protection: FINTECH companies often rely on innovative technologies and business models that may be subject to intellectual property protection. Legal service providers can assist in identifying and protecting these assets
  5. Copy of the National Identity cards for Kenyans and legal aliens, and Passport for Foreign nationals.
  6. Dispute Resolution: FINTECH companies may face disputes with customers, vendors, or partners. Legal service providers can assist in resolving these disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.
    • Other Fintech services include.

      • Mobile M-commerce and digital Payments and billing
      • E-Money transfer remittances,
      • Digital lending and P2P platforms.)
      • Internet e-commerce.
      • Block Chain and Crypto Technology
      • Data Protection
      • Anti-money laundering and financing risks
      • Crowdfunding operators.

      Why Choose Kazi Legal

      By choosing Kazi Legal as your FINTECH lawyers in Kenya means you will have access to.

      • Experienced lawyers with a deep understanding of the FINTECH regulatory environment and the FINTECH industry in Kenya.
      • Custom legal solutions that are tailored to your business needs and objectives.
      • Efficient and cost-effective legal services.

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