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How to register a company in kenya.

Kazi Legal offers you a platform that provides a comprehensive guide to Limited company registration in Kenya. We are a leading law firm with extensive experience in company registration in Kenya and subsequent compliance services.
Setting up a business in Kenya starts with registering a company with the Registrar of companies under the Business registration services Department. As leading company registration consultants in Kenya, We offer all related company registration services in kenya.

While registering a company in Kenya, It is prudent to follow the prescribed procedures and present all the requirements to ensure that your company is properly and speedily incorporated. We shall discuss and guide you through the requirements and procedures for registering a Limited company in Kenya.

Kazi Legal offers you a credible platform to incorporate your limited company and all subsequent company compliance requirements in Kenya.

Any person above the age of 18 years old or body corporate may register a limited company in Kenya, There is generally no restriction on Foreign nationals owning Kenyan companies 100 % save for some specific licenses that require Local shareholding. Eg

  1. Banking licenses
  2. Some telecommunication Licenses
  3. etc

company registration requirements in kenya?

The following are the key requirements for registration of a limited company in Kenya.

  1. Proposed company names for search.- You must provide three or more names in order of priority. Whichever name is reserved, in the order provided, shall be issued and the company registered without further reference to the applicant.
  2. Main objectives of the company. Your Key areas of Business.
  3. Proposed physical address of the company in Kenya.
  4. Contact information of the company. That includes
    • Postal address
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
  5. Copy of the National Identity cards for Kenyans and legal aliens, and Passport for Foreign nationals.
  6. Passport Photos of the directors and shareholders.
  7. Residential address of each director and shareholder.
  8. Contact information of all Directors and shareholders. That includes
    • Postal address
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Residential address

How long does it take to register a company in kenya?

The application and registration of a Limited company in Kenya can take anywhere between 6 day and 30 Days. This depends on the type of business you wish to establish, as well as the type of registration required. Other factors that determine the duration of a company include

  1. Bulk of applications at the registry.
  2. Public holidays
  3. Nature of objectives - Eg security company has to go through a vetting process that takes 6 months
  4. etc etc

Procedure. Company Registration in Kenya?

The process of registration a limited company in Kenya involves the following steps:

  1. Name search. - Choose a name suitable for your company.
  2. Make the application for registration by executing the following forms
    • Form CR 1 - Company application form. - Details of the first directors, Secretary and signatories of the company.
    • Form CR 2 - Memorandum of Association of the company.
    • Form CR 8 - Notice of residential address of the company.
    • Statement of Nominal Capital
    • BOF1 - Register of Beneficial owners the the company.
  3. Provide the following information required for company registration,
    • Proposed physical address of the company in Kenya..
    • Postal address of the company.
    • Telephone number of the company.
    • Proposed Nominal capital of the company.
    • Contact information of the directors and shareholders which include
      1. Postal address.
      2. Telephone numbers
      3. Email address.
      4. Residential addresses.
  4. Attach the required documents which include.
    • Scan of passport photo.
    • Scan of passport for foreign directors / shareholders
    • Scan of Notarized certificate of incorporation where the shareholder is a company.
  5. Complete and submit the application form for registration.
  6. Pay the registration fee.
  7. On approval, you shall be issued with a certificate of incorporation and a Form CR12 BY the Registrar of Companies

Documents required for company registration in Kenya.

To register a company in Kenya, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of national ID from Kenyan Citizens or passport for foreign nationals for each director and shareholder
  2. Copy of PIN certificate for each director and shareholder
  3. Memorandum and articles of association
  4. Completed application forms for company registration
    • CR 1
    • CR 2
    • CR 8
    • Statement of Nominal capital.
    • Beneficial owner form.
  5. Receipt of payment for registration fee

Cost of registering a company in kenya

How much to register a company in kenya> The official government fee for company registration is Kes 10,750. Stamp duty during registration is exempted. The cost of processing a company with a Lawyer or agent varies from firm to firm depending of the further compliance and related services needed.

Can a single director register a limited company in Kenya?

Yes. One or more persons who wish to form a company may Register a company in Kenya. There can be a minimum of one director / shareholder in a Kenyan company. To register a company in Kenya one has to be

  1. Above 19 years old.
  2. A corporate body.. Local or foreign company.

Do i need a Certified company secretary to register a company in Kenya?

Generally Private companies with a share capital of less than 5 million shillings do not require to have a certified company secretary. Any company with a Nominal capital above Five Million shillings and all public companies are required to have a certified company secretary.

Can a foreigner register a Limited company in Kenya?

Under the new company rules. A foreign national may only register a company in Kenya if he appoints either.

  1. A local director.
  2. A Local certified company secretary.

Can a foreign national open a bank account in kenya?

Generally the Central bank of Kenya regulation require as follows.

  • Only Foreign nationals with immigration status Eg Work permit, may open bank accounts in Kenya.
  • A company with foreign directors may open a bank account in Kenya if the directors have immigration status or where at least one director is a Kenya national.

However, this is a double edged sword. Eg. When applying for an immigration Investor permit, the applicant is required to show capital of USD 100,000 in a local bank account. Therefore with the assistance of the Kenya Investment Authority A foreign investor may open a bank account pending a permit issuance .

Company registration Lawyers in Kenya

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Tax - KRA Company PIN Registration.

All registered companies liable for income tax must obtain a tax registration certificate known as Personal Identification Number (PIN)] from the Kenya Revenue Authority. In addition to this, companies projecting an income of over 5,000,000 should also register for VAT.
The PIN should be an integrated process once the company is registered and should generate from the KRA, however, this is not the case in all instances.

Requirements for company PIN registration

  1. Certificate of incorporation.
  2. Copy of PIN certificates of all the directors and shareholders.
  3. Postal address of the company
  4. Email address of the company.
  5. Telephone number of the company.

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